Deluxe Windshield Kit

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Deluxe Windshield Kit

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Each kit includes the following:

  •  2X Glass magician’s repair bridge – made of aluminum with a stainless steel injector. Double O ring System delivers superior pressure and vacuum. Bridge guarantee for lifetime against normal wear.
  • 2X 1 ounce (30 ml) thin resin. 1 ounce medium resin. 1 ounce pit filler.
  • 1 ounce pit polish.
  • Battery operated UV lamp.
  • 100 razor blades.
  • 100 cure tabs.
  • UV shield.
  • Bulls eye maker
  • Marketing and instructional guide
  • 10 drill bits
  • variable speed drill with charger and 1/16 collet
  • Soft carrying case

For the tech support. We have been selling windshield repair products for over 20 years. Upgrade to another complete bridge for an extra $65.